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Both are nervous and awkward. I snuck in a PlayStation. Imagine that person A of your otp is a small, famous celebrity that requires a bodyguard or two otherwise they risk being whisked away at any given moment because of their size. Larger Person B becomes one for them and they do their job quietly and efficiently. Imagine that Person A takes a liking to their new bodyguard and makes it their duty to get them to stop being so damn professional and kiss them already….

Person A has asthma. One day Person B looks amazing or is just near them and they start to wheez. Bonus: a Person C bails them out, yelling at them the entire way from the police station, but they are too lost in each other to care.

royalty au prompts

From now on you will be repaying your debts by serving me, you will do as I say an- oh my god. Sometimes in an hour you write five pages, sometimes in an hour you write three words.

Either way you wrote something. I am so proud of you. When fanfic authors apologize for long chapters. I have already named my firstborn after you. When they apologize for short updates. For free. Thank you. And another thing: when people drop out of nowhere with a surprise update and then apologize for it taking a while. You just popped in and reminded me that this is a Good Fic that I should probably reread. You made my goshdarn day. As a writer. This post gives me life. I thank you from the god damned bottom of my shriveled black heart.

Person A comes from a Halloween party, tipsy and dressed in a very realistic costume, and plans to take the bus or train home.

While on the public transport that is filled with other Halloween enthusiaststhey meet equally tipsy Person B who just loves their wings, fangs, claws, etc. A makes the decision to get off with them and the pair end up having a one night stand.

B now has to keep an eye on them so no one finds out they are human until they can get them back to their world. Posts Submit a post Archive. Anonymous asked: Could you write some enemies-to-lovers royalty au prompts? With their coronations mere weeks away and fear of a war over petty disputes, the next time A sends off a letter, the messenger replaces it with a love note.

True their spouse was killed, but it was just a political marriage. Alternate version: Write the pair with already having a secret relationship and show how they deal with the paparazzi trying to out them and people creating stressful rumors. You just took my breath away for a second there.

All the gays right now. I posted this at 12 am with no tags how did you guys find this are you ok. Person A gets taken as a prisoner. Guard 1: Yeah yeah, tell that to the boss. Guard 2: Are you crying? We gotta do what we gotta do.A is a low-ranking aristocrat. A is a royal with a reputation for being cold, broody, and blunt. A is a member of the palace staff who gets fired.

On the last night before they leave, they confess their love to B, their soon to be former employer, and is absolutely floored to hear they feel the same way. One day A tells their assistant C to stay in the studio and just keep working and goes off to deal with the picky royal themself.

Yeah, sure. A goes off to win their own hand so that they can decide who to give it to. What I was really looking forward to is the fanart. Probably my punishment for refusing to update the app. Every time one of my old prompts suddenly gets a surge of notes I'm like 'oooooh one of you has some followers. Are they considered compatable with each other.

To what extent? The goal really is just to make yourself happy with something you create. Be self indulgent and break the rules in whatever way suits you.

The prompts are just for inspiration, go as far beyond them as you like and feel free to skip, combine, or ignore. Posts Archive. Does one name eventually win out or is their pet destined to be known by name aliases?

Stand by for content. And to the one person who saw it, congrats, you have the secret knowledge. When they cook, how closely do your characters follow the recipe? Person A: in a bit of a rough night Person B: with the kids, but they are all in the same boat 3. Imagine how much they care about you 4. When you get a chance can you send me your number 6. I am going to be out in the morning and I will be home soon 7.

What if we did it? Who is the person who will get back to the house and get it done before the weekend? A sure thing 2. All together now 3. Small bed 4. Long walk 5.Graceful when still, but a waddling mess when on land. More like the nobility desperate to act like things are the same. Of course not. The guard hesitantly took a mouthful, only to practically melt in satisfaction.

They caught themselves. Sit, sit. It took the guard slightly too long to realize that it was practically a date, with the monarch feeding them delicacies off their plate. The princex did, but it was a round fought behind closed doors and with tongues instead of blades. I love them! See here. Look at her! I believe she means to protect you. It was embarrassing. It was the most important role he could possibly bestow, the greatest trust.

But it was always difficult when the prince went away.

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She had no royal blood. To the world she was a servant and nothing more. The world had made t abundantly clear that she was nothing. Where they could kiss each other in public, smile, holding hands, dance at the balls together, she would pour wine and fold sheets and stand on the edges of it all watching alone. And she was happy for them, she was, but sometimes the jealousy and the envy nagged at her like a chilly draught. Is something wrong?

Is it your mother? Give me that. Anonymous said:Do you have any prompts for an arrogant bastard prince trying to woo a feisty and sarcastic knight? Thank you. Anonymous said:Hi!!Long live these 10 character writing prompts about kings, queens and other royalty! One of the reasons that I found European History such an interesting subject was because of the wild eccentricities of royalty in countries like England, France and Germany. For hundreds of years, these countries were ruled with an iron fist, not just by kings, but by earls and duchesses as well.

The gap between the haves and the have-nots was drastic and many members of royalty were able to do whatever it was they pleased. A story set far in the past or one in a fantastical world could do with a few royals interspersed throughout.

Free Character Writing Prompts Royalty. When he was young, he travelled among the commoners as often as he could to learn what would control them. As he ascended toward the throne, he knew that they responded more to religion than they would to anything else. Rule the church, rule the country. He slowly but surely tightened his grasp around religion, bringing church and state together and giving him power and wealth no king had known before him.

What he couldn't have expected, however, was for another religion to rise. What will he do when the country devolves into civil war because of this new religion?

royalty au prompts

He had always had everything he wanted handed to him literally on a silver platter. When his family fell out of favor, however, and it looked like he would no longer be in line for an esteemed position, he had to learn to live with less. At first he whined nearly every day about eating less food and having nearly no diversions at all. It was only when his parents took him to a nearby village where the residents had almost nothing that he got it.

He not only had to live with less stuff but he also wanted to help the people who were around him to receive more. What will he do to achieve this new question and what are some of the things he misses about royal life? She became queen by appearing to be the perfect candidate. Shy and religious and easily controlled by her uncles and cousins.

All of the qualities, of course, were a complete and utter lie and the only thing she truly wanted was the power of ruling a nation. She ruled the country with an iron fist and knew much more about politics and geography than her uncles and cousins ever assumed. Her policies were occasionally in line with theirs, but some of her decisions seemed to make absolutely no sense to them.

oh god royal aus

Within decades, the country began to improve financially and morale-wise. What are some of the things she did and what do her family members think about her hidden competence?

She was once a commoner but there was nothing at all common about her. Her beauty seemed to spring up from the earth itself and it was not long before she was noticed by those from outside the village. She was courted by a duke and was wed shortly thereafter.

Meme me — Royalty!AU prompts

It was difficult for her to adjust to such a royal lifestyle. She wanted so much to be able to split her portions with the servants, who were once her closest friends.

To achieve these ends, she became a bit of an activist, helping to improve the lot of those not as fortunate as her. Her husband didn't love these qualities of hers, but couldn't argue with her growing self-reliance and confidence. How has she changed since marrying into royalty? He was in the process of being groomed for the throne and his father could only dream that he'd stop hanging out with such lowlifes. There were stories of him gambling, drinking and spending late nights with seedy women.

The King wondered how his legacy would live on. It turned out that the prince was learning how the country worked from the ground up, while keeping his reputation low. If he was able to make himself seem lowly, then he believed his rise to power would make him seem even more of a natural king.Give this talented bean love!!!

Keep reading. Of course not. The guard hesitantly took a mouthful, only to practically melt in satisfaction. They caught themselves. Sit, sit. It took the guard slightly too long to realize that it was practically a date, with the monarch feeding them delicacies off their plate.

Black and Gold x x x. I did a portrait of Dave and Rose for the same AU. It was so nice drawing them in those royal outfits, thank you again!! Viktor was on his trip to Japan and then came to Hasetsu where he met Katsuki family.

It turned out that Yuuri was obsessed with botany, like, he even wanted to become a botanist to study flowers, so they promised each other to meet in St. Dirk and Jake version. I had so much fun with their designs! Thank you!! No, angry was too simple a word. You were vexed, aggrieved, irate.

And you had every god damn right to be. They were slightly nicer than your usual uniforms, trading plain brown wool for dark blue muslin. But your best friend was as observant as ever, her eyes following your gaze.

royalty au prompts

Prince Harry will have to do better then a freshly picked flower to woo Prince Draco. Let me know what you think. Waves crashed up against the side of the ship, dark clouds covering the sky.This is not an rp blog, just a meme source. Could you please explain that idea a bit more?

Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Muse A needs to leave for a long trip and Muse B needs to keep them safe during the journey. Will they manage to keep them safe? The Siege - The country is at war and the capitol is under siege. Muse A is the last living royal descent, Muse B is their faithful soldier. Muse B needs to get Muse A out of the city and back to their regrouping troops so they can take the country back.

They see each other for the first day on their wedding day. The Lover - Muse A is of royal blood, unhappily married with muse C. Muse A takes liking in them, finding long forgotten happiness by their side. How far will they let the things go? The Toy - Muse A is of royal blood, muse B is a low born.

Muse A takes Muse B to court as an entertainment. The Power - Muse A and B are young ambitious married couple who plots to get them power. Will they succeed? How much will they sacrifice in the game of thrones? Anonymous asked: Can you do one based on slide whistles? Choose me. Love me. Cause you never think that the last time is the last time. You think there will be more. Here it is. Not everybody has to be happy all the time.

I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke. Oh screw beautiful! If you want to appease me, compliment my brain. Somebody sedate me! And I love you.

royalty au prompts

I just, I love you all the time, every minute of every day. Good for you. Reciprocity is not required. You are not my knight in shining whatever. And just for the record? I am your knight in shining whatever.You intrigue me, so I'm here to bail you out and maybe take you on a date?

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Keep reading. Source: dohertyinc-archive-blogvia my-ainsel. The term most often refers to fanfiction, but fanart can also depicted the characters in AUs. Also, keep in mind that sometimes an AU story is combine with others elements. For example, instead of the very common story about the characters attending a high school in modern times, it can be a magical school set in an futuristic world. Theme by safe as milk. AU prompts collection To feed plot bunnies and inspire writing or drawing, here are AU prompt posts collected into one place.

A, Mx. B will have a concert tomorrow for the school and they need all the help and they asked me to tell you…. A you know about the prom. I also heard that Mx.

B has no partner. Or stuff like this. Like here is your impossible love Teachers of the same subject in different schools fighting in competitions and shit Or teachers of the same subject talking passionately about their course.

Helping each other through all the stuff.


I promise to be good. Jan 17, Nov 11, Keep reading via 12daysofsterek winter. Nov 07, I hope these help : The commoner is known for a particular skill the prince needs.

The prince is travelling the land incognito dressed as a commoner. The prince and the commoner meet in a forest when the prince accidentally injures the commoner. The prince and the commoner meet in a forest when the commoner accidentally injures the prince. The prince is injured during a hunt and the commoner is there to help.

The commoner finds or inherits an artifact the prince wants. The king or queen, etc. The commoner is working at an inn the prince visits. The commoner comes to the castle seeking help for some issue that the region he lives in is suffering from.